Tis’ the season of change… a refreshing of sights; smells & ALL the coziness that comes abundantly around!

Not only do the garden’s bring ALL the senses to life, BUT…
the need to create a WARMTH in the home comes whaling through a woman’s soul this time of year!

Take a moment to JUST create one posy from the garden to bring indoor… nature TRULY has her way of setting a JOYFUL mood!

For instance… the beautiful, old fashion chrysanthemums (above) bring a delightful sight among the autumn foliage in the garden’s, BUT… when a small posy is picked for the kitchen window sill; bathroom sink OR a bedside table… there’s JUST something about the THAT sight!

The season’s of change… of autumn’s beauty; the comforting feels & the slowing down of duties… make’s rest more acceptable… JUST as Miss Martha has taken it upon herself to find a comfortable spot.

I admire the country life… & the season’s exposed through living the WARMTH of home… with ALL the garden’s; the bountiful harvest’s & THE farm animal’s!

I want to encourage YOU, my dear friend to create a home that speaks to you & your families heart… throughout EACH season of life! NOW… go pick a small flower posy… 🙂

Have a BEAUTIFUL, autumn week… & we’ll visit again soon! – Pamela

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