From My Home To Yours

As we begin the month of October… the foliage casts a hint of autumn colors; temps start to plummet & the days shorten in light hours.

ALL those feels create a sense of longing to be indoor… & the need to offer a warm home for the coming months.

There’s JUST something about the season that packages wonderful memories of big families; friends & neighbors being together. Those days seem to be JUST that… a memory!

SO… these last few months I’ve wedged out an hour; a morning OR several hours in the evening to share the love of creating a home with someone dear to me… whether it be my great niece’s; a friend OR several.

Gather worn treasures to pull together a vignette with meaning… not JUST a store bought item, BUT… something that’s handmade; an heirloom OR a cherished gift.

THIS vignette… I created the other evening… with goods I happened upon throughout the home, along with handmade, book pumpkins that the girl’s (great niece’s) & I made during a quaint, tea sipping workshop. It’s THESE tablescape’s that will make one’s heart sing!

And… the good thing about a vignette such as this… you can take away & tuck in as each season comes & goes!

I truly hope that you’ve been encouraged – SWEET blessings, Pamela

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