Ole’ Ways Of Gardening

Late Season Growing… WITH – Tarter Raised, Bed Garden Planters

The season’s come & go so quickly that our growing OR desire to grow more never comes to completion. Folks are becoming more intrigued with late season gardening for the most part of knowing WHERE their food comes from & how it’s grown.

Depending upon your gardening zone & the inclement weather… throughout your location will ensure a success at gardening through the cool months. Of course, the time taken is always to consider… it does take preparation, as most things worthwhile do.

With – Tarter’s popular product… raised bed, garden planters… the ease of creating a garden oasis’s is made to be all more manageable.
Here I’m going to share with YOU a few ways to get started & to continue throughout the coming months.

The very first staple… the ONE staple that promotes healthy growing conditions is compost. We build our gardens from compost up… supplementing with an all natural fish/seaweed blend, along with matured, chicken manure. (We’ll go there another post/story)

I’ve included a photo/sample of JUST how our containers are started… when using the Tarter product… composting until a good size material exist, with an amount that can feed for months to come.

Let’s get started… using the raised, bed garden planters!

The large, oval 8′ is TRULY a must have when growing more than one variety of cool season crop… JUST allows space to broadcast & provides an area to try new veggies. Here you’ll find that there’s a hefty sprouting of several varieties of kale & spinach. YES, they could be further along if sown earlier in the season, BUT… our temps here in Kentucky were well over 90’s up until late summer & therefore cool season seeds have a hard time germinating in those temps/conditions. SO… a late start we had, BUT… don’t fret… hoop’s have been added with a film going over to protect when rigid temps come.

The fencing is JUST a must for here at the farm… the chicken’s would take keen to destroying the beds.

‘Blue Curled Scotch Kale’

‘Scarlet Kale’

‘Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach’

Now onto one of my favorite… raised bed, garden planters… THIS oval 6′ one! The size is perfect for a side, kitchen garden; herb garden OR for small space gardening. I’ve sown an ‘Easter Basket Mix’ of heirloom radishes into this bed & they’re fairing quiet well. It will get hoops too… along with a film covering.

When growing with hoops OR any film covering… the crop needs ventilation as the heat approaches throughout the day, your cool season crops need to be kept cool. This is where it requires time… ALWAYS being prepared – checking forecast daily; uncovering the ends constantly & being conscious to close the ends come evening to hold heat in.

‘Easter Basket Mix – Radishes’

These are TRULY a must to grow in your NEW… raised bed garden planter!

START now… you don’t have to have compost on hand that you’ve actually made… there’re nurseries; garden centers & friends that could contribute!
These TWO size’s that’s shown throughout this post… are bottomless therefore no need for drainage. I do add several layers of cardboard JUST because I’ve found that it helps in hindering any weed seeds coming through… plus, it’s a biodegradable material that JUST adds to your compost as it breaks down.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to reach out… it’s very therapeutic to garden & grow your own food… using the ole’ ways of gardening!

Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter & follow along right here on the blog… MANY daily happening’s coming! LOTS of Tarter product being staged & created to get the most of your gardening days!

HAPPY gardening… from the farm! -Pamela

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