November Gardening

How Does YOUR Garden GROW… come November???

Well… JUST in case you don’t garden throughout the cool months… PLEASE, let me encourage you to do so! The rewards of growing your own food comes three fold’s… knowing WHERE your food comes from; stepping outside your back door to harvest a side that will complete your dinner & the physical/mental aspect!

Do you happen to remember a few blog post back… me speaking of the raised bed gardening??? Composting; seeding & growing directly into an amazing product from ‘Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment’ allows you to garden throughout the entire year… YES, that’s right! BUT, it comes with the hand’s & feet making it happen, along with some garden knowledge.

This large, oval raised garden planter holds three varieties of cool crops… as the smaller, oval planter is filled with several varieties of mixed radishes.

As the November temps have dropped… several nights & days in the teens, the raised planters have held their warmth. The crop has continued to grow with a sweet reward of a small harvest & contemplating many more JUST in time for the season of entertaining.

Shown above… you’ll find my method of growing in these cool temperature’s. It’s somewhat of a relaxed method… the ole’ way I may add, by placing the old granny rocks around the outer edge to create a suctioning effect to prevent the heat from escaping.

Throughout the day hours… temps are cautiously watched to ensure the cool crops don’t get burned; scorched OR wilted. Ventilation is very important when growing in an enclosed environment… as these covered, raised bed planters.

The varieties of heirloom kale are fairing quite well… & oh, so scrumptious in taste, as well as the heirloom radishes.

JUST in case you’re wondering the purpose of the vintage fencing around each raised bed planter… refer back several post… there you’ll find full explanation.

Currently another large planter is being prepared for more winter growing. Seeds of an heirloom… Swiss Chard; Snapdragons & other cool crops have been sown inside the potting shed waiting to be transplanted into their final home.

I look forward to sharing the process of transplanting them into the raised bed planter… offered by ‘Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment’.

For NOW… enjoy the last of these November days… & have a VERY… Happy Thanksgiving… from my garden to yours!

– Pamela Anthony

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