GROWING… is what feeds the soul!

Not ONLY in the moments of gardening… that GROWING is required, BUT… through the years of living life as well!

At THIS moment… let’s focus on the GROWING that takes place in the garden!

Did you know that a garden doesn’t stop no matter the month OR season??? There are months for planning with journal in hand; seed/bulb catalogs coming to the mailbox & soil that seeks tending/nourishing.

Oh, then… here come the season’s of decorating… there are planters to replenish with boxwood’s; grasses & FRESH greenery!
~ There are little nook’s & cranny’s to rearrange; garden art to add OR take from & light’s to be strung!

There’s no rest for the gardener at heart… & with encouragement from one, whom has lived it throughout her entire life… I attest that the rewards far out weigh the labor; sweat & tears!

HAPPY… Gardening… from my garden to YOURS, no matter the season!


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