December Gardening

What’s GROWING in your garden????

Is your garden STILL offering a harvest??? Well, if not… please, allow me to ask… ‘WHY’???

Let me help you… plan an ALL season garden through raised bed gardening.

Throughout the winter month’s, here at the farm… you’ll find an array of cool season crops growing in abundance by using our raised bed planters… a product that is made right here in Kentucky… by Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment.

Above… you’ll see that the crop is being thinned out… & this is one duty that literally breaks my heart… BUT, is a must for a full grown harvest.

The ‘Easter Basket Mix’ of heirloom radishes are coming along quite nicely… & JUST in time for entertaining during the Christmas season.

JUST a handful of goodness… that couldn’t be resisted on THIS cold December day!

~ Happy ‘Winter’ Gardening… -Pamela

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