February in the Potting Shed

‘To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow.’ – Audrey Hepburn

Don’t we ALL love – Audrey Hepburn – her style; talent & the words she shares?!?!

It’s nearing the end of February (NOT RUSHING), but… with time not waiting for anyone – the remaining few weeks will pass by quickly!

In the season’s of gardening, not to mention the season’s of life… we should take heed to EVERY moment available!

Here at the farm & I’m sure many other gardeners as well… have been sowing seeds for sometime now – in order to get a head start for the upcoming spring season.

Peas are JUST one of many seeds that have been sown thus far – THIS just happened literally within a few weeks OR less – from previous photo!

Peas are a cool crop veggie to grow for spring & fall – I love starting them early & trailing them along handmade trellis tepees.

Borage… oh, how I love thee… it’s one of the herbs I don’t take lightly!

Growing herbs by seed is a rewarding garden deed… especially knowing that your seeds are HEIRLOOM & NON-GMO! The germination rate on THIS sowing was SUPERB – so with that being said, I’ll have pots to offer at the FARM STAND come early spring!

This herb carries MANY benefits to it’s name – it’s definitely a HOT spot for the honey bees, along with other beneficial insects. It gives salads a ROBUST flavor; good for cooking into dishes; making cool drinks & a most effectively medicinal herb.

Be sure to add THIS sought-after herb to your garden this growing season!

And… REMEMBER – they’ll be available come early spring!

Oh, to assure you that spring is to arrive… the camellia’s are in loose, bud form & I’m anxiously waiting for FULL blooms to explode!

You’ll also… find them tucked into early spring bouquets available on the FARM STAND soon!

May your February bring you the desires of your heart – whether it be through creating a home; the garden OR your everyday living!

HAPPY Gardening… from the farm! -Pamela

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