The Old Ways of Gardening

The passion for farming that I carry today was planted long ago. As I grew up, it was my precious momma who sowed these seeds within me—the seeds of gardening according to the old ways, homesteading, and using the tools and know-how of bygone eras to create a beautiful and meaningful life. Now, I find that these skills daily become more vital in the modern world, as folks yearn for a time when they knew how to gain their own nourishment naturally, from the land and their own two hands. 

Today, I specialize in growing heirloom fresh cuts for lovingly curated seasonal bouquets. Each bloom is cultivated using our own compost and other organic material, without the use of chemicals. I also offer workshops on flower arranging, planting, and all sorts of other farm skills throughout the year. And come take a walk through the seasons on the farm with me through my blog!