Garden Partners

K Van Bourgondien

A writer and contributor to a phenomenal dutch bulb company known as K Van Bourgondien.  This company is 175 years old, providing quality products and caring about the home gardener as well as the flower farmer.  

Tater Farm & Ranch Equipment

We here at Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden take great pride in growing the finest, safest, and most productive flowers, veggies and herbs. The folks at Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment make raised garden beds that ensure a lifetime of quality gardening. Founded in 1941, this company is still the best on the market. Not only do they offer garden products, but everything else a farm/ranch could require. I’m proud to say that we’re an authorized retailer and can help meet your gardening and farming needs.

Neptune Harvest

Neptune Harvest’s complex line of all-natural, organic gardening products have been a staple here on the farm for more than eight years and keeps our gardens thriving. Our gardens here at the farm are pre-treated and maintained with their products, from seed starting and compost building to enhancing the life of the gardens. All of their products are available for order, but we specialize in the Fish/Seaweed Blend and always have it on hand for quick shipping. Neptune Harvest was founded in 1905 and is still growing today – it’s a tried and true company whose products we’re proud to offer.