Vina B’s Bakery

Baking Up Memories

The bakery here at the farm serves the ol’ handwritten recipes stored away in whatever my Momma could find, from tins to baskets to sewing notion containers.

It’s taken me some time to gather them all for you and still today I find myself happening upon the cherished dishes that she offered to us family, friends, and passersby!

At the moment, Vina B’s Cinnamon Rolls are an Autumn/Winter staple, and are also available from time to time throughout the warmer months, along with her other tried and true recipes that are offered both in-person and online.

About Vina-B

Here at the farm, the sun rises and sets with the promise of seeing my precious mother, “Granna” again someday. She was a mother who exceeded all others; she was a friend the like of whom there will be no other. A piece of my heart now resides in heaven with her, and it is to her memory that this beautiful piece of land is dedicated.