Pumpkin Stacking

Pumpkin stacking is HERE – it’s the season for gathering these heirloom varieties & bringing a welcoming entrance to your home! I love bringing them indoors – creating a tablescape; mounding them in front of the hearth OR placing a large one on the coffee table.

We have ALL sizes; shapes & colors – they’ll last through the year for your Thanksgiving dinner table! Oh, did I mention they’re absolutely amazing in taste!

The FARM STAND has also been replenished with ALL that you’ll need to create JUST that… a welcoming entrance that will carry you through to Thanksgiving!

As autumn arrives through her appearance of colors; the bounty of pumpkins & mounds of chrysanthemums embrace the goodness of warmth!

Oh, and be sure to pull out those thrifted baskets to fill with straw; corn & gourds!

There’s simply nothing like creating a home that nurtures the changing of seasons… with autumn being the best!

If there’s ONE thing I hope that you walk away with from every visit to the farm… it’s that you see the goodness of the Lord & that we do ALL things for His glory!

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