SWEET Hospitality

Keeping one’s guest supplied with HOMEMADE bread is the FIRST law of hospitality!

It’s ALWAYS good to be in the kitchen… weather it be in the present OR reminiscing through my childhood days of my PRECIOUS Momma standing at the ole’ wood cook stove.

The kitchen is TRULY the heart of the home… create one that adds to your family’s well being; shows love & brings comfort to those, whom are passing by!

Every good and perfect gift comes from above.- James 1:17

The other day… early in the day… news came calling that company would be arriving that evening. And… when this my friend happens… & it will indeed… I hope that THIS simple tip will have you giddy with glee to serve up some HOMEMADE goodness!

When baking special – HOMEMADE goods I prefer to bake extra while all the staples are scattered about & the kitchen is a wonderful mess! THIS… is to ensure you’re not caught holding the kettle… when guests are to arrive soon & there was simply no time to prepare!

Here at the farm… all goods are frozen & kept well sealed to provide the utmost freshness when thawed. JUST the other day… it was HOMEMADE banana bread taken from the freezer… JUST in time for serving! And… I honestly admit… there wasn’t one indication that it didn’t JUST come from the oven!

And… before you ask for the recipe – SWEET friends… well, normally I take to my heirloom recipes… handwritten by Momma, BUT… this time I flipped through the pages of Magnolia Table written by Joanna Gaines… her BANANA BREAD recipe is superb! My daughter-n-love… had HIGHLY recommended it to me… while hesitating & feeling guilty not using Momma’s… recipe – it took me months before I’d give it a try. I’m SO glad to have given it a chance… & you will be glad as well!

Serve each slice in warmth… with your favorite platters; tea towels & napkins… paired with HOT tea OR coffee!

HAPPY BAKING… with guests arriving soon! – Pamela

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