Everything starts as somebody’s daydream. – Larry Niven

It’s amazing how the glimpse of one piece can bring you to daydreaming!

JUST as this FRESH honeysuckle that’s giving this vintage tin a whimsical style… it was last summer when I created this arrangement & STILL today it can offer a smile… with hope that the SWEET aroma of honeysuckle will come again!

As a gardener at heart… – I highly encourage one to add honeysuckle to their garden. Here at the farm… you’ll find several throughout the gardens, along with the ‘Gold Flame’ variety trailing over one of the chicken coop runs… to ensure the chickens reap the rewards of shade during the warmer months. It can serve a purpose depending upon location –

Of course… I love the old fashion variety as well… not only does it add warmth to the garden, BUT… brings childhood memories back with each passing by throughout the blooming season.

The vines are harvested here at the farm for creating whimsical arrangements; embellishing FRESH bouquets & weaving wreaths. I love that God has given SUCH beauty for His children to enjoy!

Start your garden planning; keep DREAMING of the season to come… for spring is surely ahead!


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