REWARDS Of Growing Your Food

“Growing your own food may be one of the MOST powerful steps you can take for the health of yourself, your family, and your planet.” – Food Revolution

It’s January… the FIRST harvest of the year & to say… I’m giddy about the fact is an understatement!

Growing your own food… well, it’s the way my PRECIOUS Momma instilled in me… her knowledge; wisdom & passion… carried down!

A bountiful harvest of HEIRLOOM kale; spinach & radish greens… offers a flavorful taste to any country meal!

This past week… I paired the harvest with an ole’ fashion bean soup… no rhyme OR reason way about it… JUST a use of what was on hand!

When preparing the white bean & kale soup… I choose the quick soak to my dry beans, BUT… of course, the overnight is always an option. I like to start late morning OR at the latest noon time preparing for the evening’s dinner, especially when offering an ole’ fashion meal.

The dry beans are rinsed; sorted & brought to a boil for about 2 minutes then on low for an hour! During that waiting period… I harvest & rinse my FRESH kale & greens.

Here at the farm… I pride myself in supporting local… our ham back is purchased JUST a hop & skip away… here in Kentucky… that would be Penn’s Ham. For there’s no bean soup without ham back… for the seasoning is SUPERB when longing for that ole’ fashion taste!

When beans have simmered for an hour… rinse & sort again. Then add back to cooking pot with water to cover; a good helping of ham back; salt & pepper. Bring to a rolling boil… then allow to simmer for several hours OR until beans are done. There’s only one extra step I take with my beans & it’s all due to my husband’s request… he loves a thicker soup, so therefore I prepare a cornstarch & water mixture to add… there’s a right & wrong way to do that… so if you’re interested in knowing… JUST reach out to me!

The harvest of FRESH kale & radish greens are ready for blanching… I boil the entire harvest for about 5-8 minutes… then rinse any grit; return to pot of fresh water & simmer for about… 15-20 minutes. I prefer my kale/greens not to be limp, but… have some texture to them. Rinse again… & then mix into the pot of white beans bringing both to a simmer for about 10-15 minutes & then let sit for about 20-30 minutes to saturate all the flavors together.

I love serving the white bean & kale soup with a homemade – corn relish from past summer’s garden… OR there’s other relishes that may serve your tradition better.

Serve to the side homemade cornbread; whole cakes OR crackers…

Hoping THIS simple… ole’ fashion taste… will bring the family & friends to the dinner table every time!

SWEET blessings… from our home to YOURS! – Pamela

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