The Gifts That Keep On LIVING

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those GIVING more! – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Thank YOU, for joining me here this evening… I had GIVING on my mind & wanted to share a SWEET – LIVING token of LOVE for the upcoming holiday – Valentine’s Day!

As well as sharing a few SIMPLE tips on caring for YOUR succulents!

When caring for succulents throughout the winter months… there’s some extra tips to consider – that’s being cautious of watering too much & placing them in a sunny location/window.

Throughout the cold months spent indoor… you also can allow them to go semi-dormant – cool dry place & no water!

But… I’ve found most folks want to enjoy them during the months of winter… & they do benefit the air quality as well as lighten the mood!

Shown ABOVE… you’ll notice the small pup/rosette that has emerged from an older leaf/petal… that can be seen already sprouting roots.

Another caption (ABOVE) of small pups/rosettes emerging from the top of a different variety of succulent leaf/petal. Simply twist gently each one & place on top of a layer of soil… again… they’ll sprout small roots that will eventually turn into a larger root system – this is called propagating!

I created THIS piece for winter enjoyment… & as a token of LOVE!

To hang in a window throughout the winter season & to bring WARMTH to a home! The succulents will need the sunlight & little water… therefore… what a PERFECT way then to embellish a BEAUTIFUL, nature pine cone!

When spring arrives… lift the moss & succulents from the pine cone; remove the nandina berries & guinea feathers; place in a planter filled with well-drained soil.

The JOY in growing THESE wonderful plants… is that they JUST keep on giving!

Throughout January & February… here at the shop… I’ll be offering a SWEET selection of the ‘Living Pine Cones’ – as well as accepting custom orders for – Valentine’s Day!

JUST a hint… the season of LOVE is upon us… it’s NEVER to early to start planning; dreaming & thinking of… Valentine’s Day!

Have a BLESSED evening… friends! – Pamela

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